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Indian girl has retired with her man to the room where she begins to give him a blowjob on his big cock. She looks at him through seductive eyes as she moves her mouth over his dick. She sucks him like a pro alternating between deep throating him and flicking the tip of his tongue. She licks up and down his shaft before he cannot take it anymore and must feel her other holes.

Taking off her high heels, grey dress and black panty she becomes naked and waits for him to bone her. He begins to enter her from the behind, smacking her cute butt a couple of times. The force and speed with which he is hammering her is too much as she lets out a hurl of abuses in pleasure. He grabs her ponytail and begins to slam into her even harder. Finally placing his cock near her mouth, he fucks her mouth for a little while before exploding with a huge cumshot all over her beautiful pouty lips.


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